Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a free trial?

You bet your sweet bippy there is. Simply create an account and you can create your first series for free to test a video. No credit card required.

How do I create a video?

First you need to create a series. Once you do, a video will be automatically be queued for creation. There is only one video available per series, and a new one will be created after the last one is posted.

What is a series?

A series is a collection of videos that are all related to each other. For example, you could create a series called "Interesting History" and have a new video created each week (or day, depending on your plan) relating to history.

Can I edit the videos?

Yes, you can edit simple details such as your video's script, title, and background music at anytime before it is scheduled to post.

Can I replace an existing series with a new one?

Absolutely! You can delete any current series and start fresh with a new topic or settings anytime. Note: With our free plan, you're able to create one series per account.

What social media platforms do you support posting to?

We currently support posting to TikTok and YouTube. We are working on adding support for other platforms. If you have a specific platform you'd like us to support, please let us know.

Can I post the same video to multiple platforms?

Yep! Within your Series, you can link multiple accounts and automatically upload your created videos to each one. Please note: you're limited to connecting one account per social media platform, such as one TikTok account and one YouTube account.

Can I adust the video length?

The video length can be adjusted by modifying the length of your AI generated script, up to 1,200 characters max. By default, they end up being around 45-90 seconds long. Please note that if a YouTube account is linked to your Series, we try to keep videos under 60 seconds to meet YouTube's Shorts requirements.

How do custom prompts work?

Let's say you enter a custom prompt for your series, such as: "Discuss an interesting fact about Genghis Khan". Each video that is created in your series will follow the prompt you gave, while also doing its best to avoid duplicating content from past videos in the same series. So, the first video might be a fact about Genghis Khan's military, the next may be about Genghis Khan's leadership, then his legal code, etc.

If you wanted each video in your series to be about something different but still follow the general category of war, then your prompt should be something like: "Please write about a highly interesting event that happened in history related to war." In this case, the first video may be about 300 from Troy, then about The Battle of Gettysburg, etc.

If you've ever used ChatGPT before, it's similar to if you gave it your instructions and asked it to write a video script related to that. Each time you ask it, it will come up with something different. The videos in the series behave similarly.

Still have questions? Check out our custom prompt guide.

Will I get banned?

Our service has been reviewed and approved by TikTok. However, we recommend that brand new TikTok accounts do not post more than once per day to avoid being flagged as spam; you should "warm" up these accounts. You should also preview your videos before posting to ensure that they are appropriate for your audience.

Is it easy to cancel?

Absolutely. We hate services that purposefully make it difficult to cancel. You can cancel at the click of a button from the dashboard's billing page.

How does the membership work?

Beyond the free plan, we offer different tiers of paid memberships. The paid plans remove the watermark and allow you to post more frequently.

Can I get a refund?

Since we offer a free plan, we do not offer refunds for paid plans. However, you can cancel your membership at any time and you will not be billed again.

Does the platform support multiple languages?

Yes, we currently support the following languages: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Are there any types of content that are not allowed?

We have a NSFW filter on our generative AI models, but we cannot guarantee that all content will be appropriate for all audiences. We are not responsible for any content that is created by our platform.